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AppVN is an unofficial tiện ích store that lets you tải về any apk tiện ích or game you want on your phone. appvn app

You can tải về the AppVN tiện ích on your apk phone using the liên kết below.

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Download AppVN

How đồ sộ Download AppVN:

  1. First, enable Unknown Sources on your device by going đồ sộ Settings > Security
  2. Download the AppVN APK tệp tin on your device ( use the tải về button above )
  3. Open your Downloads thư mục, find the .apk tệp tin, and tap it đồ sộ installappvn apk app
  4. The installation will proceed; when it has finished, you can enjoy everything that AppVN has đồ sộ offer appvn apk app

How đồ sộ Use AppVN:

  1. On your Android phone simply launch the tiện ích from your homescreen
  2. Go đồ sộ the Apps or Games section and tìm kiếm for the tiện ích that you wantappvn apk app
  3. Tap on the App name and then tap on the Download button đồ sộ tải về the APK tệp tin on your device.
  4. Go đồ sộ your downloads thư mục and install the APK tệp tin đồ sộ lập cập the tiện ích.

How đồ sộ Install AppVN on PC:


Nox Player

  1. First, tải về and install BlueStacks or Nox Player apk emulator on your Windows computer or Mac
  2. Now tải về the AppVN APK tệp tin from the links above
  3. Install the AppVN tiện ích inside the emulator tiện ích.
  4. Start using AppVN on your desktop or máy tính computer

AppVN Features:

  • Free đồ sộ tải về and use
  • Works on all Android devices
  • Thousands of apps and tweaks, including the latest ones
  • Automatic App updates
  • Loads of utility apps, tools, tweaks, and more
  • Built-in Search bar – finding what you want has never been easier
  • User-friendly and easy đồ sộ use

How đồ sộ Delete AppVN:

delete appvn

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  1. Unlock your device screen
  2. Open Settings and tap on Applications/Apps
  3. Here, a list of every tiện ích installed on your device will appear – find AppVN and tap it
  4. Tap Uninstall and wait; when it’s finished, AppVN will be removed from your device

Frequently Asked Question:

  • What is AppVN?

AppVN is an unofficial appstore for apk users who want đồ sộ install 3rd-party apps .apk files on their smartphones and tablets.

  • How đồ sộ Change Language in AppVN?
  1. Go đồ sộ the right corner of the tiện ích and click the icon
  2. This will launch the Accounts option screen. Tap on the text ‘cài đặt‘ ( Settings in English ) language change in appvn app1
  3. Now select the option ngôn ngữ ( Language in English )
  4. Select English or Việt Nam language change in appvn app1
  • How đồ sộ Update AppVN?

To update the AppVN tiện ích, you have đồ sộ tải về the latest .apk tệp tin of the AppVN tiện ích from the tải về button above and install it using the given steps. 

  • How đồ sộ change AppVN đồ sộ English?

To change the language on AppVN đồ sộ English from the mặc định Vietnamese, you will have đồ sộ go đồ sộ the accounts section of the tiện ích by clicking on the right corner of the screen. Then tap on Settings > Language đồ sộ phối the language đồ sộ your desired one.

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  • How many apps can you have at a time with AppVN?

You can tải về unlimited apps from the AppVN appstore. You will, however, need đồ sộ kiểm tra your device’s memory capacity đồ sộ see how many apps it can install.

  • How đồ sộ tải về AppVN on iPhone?

AppVN is not available for tải về on any iOS device, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod cảm biến. If you are looking đồ sộ tải về unofficial apps available on AppVN on an iPhone, we recommend the Panda Helper tiện ích.

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