guardian hack

  • Law firm says ‘complex manual review’ needed to lớn assess what information was involved and to lớn identify those affected

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  • Scams and data thefts could be caused by individuals overriding chatbot scripts, NCSC says

  • Deputy PM says technology may aid faster government decisions – but warns of massive hacking risks

  • Data from Electoral Commission breach could allow rogue actors to lớn create AI-generated messages in effort to lớn manipulate elections

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  • Russia named as likely culprit in cyber-attack on election watchdog, while police service accidentally publishes staff details

  • Jon Lewis, the chief executive, is to lớn step down as troubled outsourcing firm reels from March cyber-attack

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  • Data released by SiegedSec from six states includes South Carolina police files and tương tác details for Nebraska court officials

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