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Introduction of the Research Institute of Education Management (RIEM)

Research Institute of Education Management (RIEM) belongs to the National Institute of Management Education (NIEM), Vietnam. The RIEM has been established by decision number 14/QD-HVQLGD , dated  09/01/2008 by of the NIEM’s Director.  RIEM’s certification activities in scientific registration and digital technology 202/DK-KH & T 01/04/2008 by the Director of the Department of Science and Technology Ha Noi.



To research and develop Education Management Science by a comprehensive system for the management and improvement of all aspects related to the quality and raise the participation of every unit and every individual to achieve targets. Organizational management methods, quality-oriented, based on the participation of all members and aiming at long-term success through benefits of society.


To be respected and trusted on Education management of organizations, managers and individuals.


1) Research and development Science and  technology  in Educational Management;
2) Testing, application and technology transfer in education management; Organizing Workshops, forums, events, science and technology in the field Educational Management;
3) Consulting, founded bids, subject, science projects; monitoring, cooperation in evaluation and  accreditation programs in the field of educational administration;
4) Communication and dissemination of knowledge about management education to the community;

Organization Structure

RIEMs  structure includes:

  1. A Board of  RIEM
  2. An administration department
  3. Sub research center of Research Management - Economics of education;
  4. Sub research center of Education policy;
  5. Sub research center of Assessment and Accreditation quality of education

RIEM’s  Quality Management Principles

Compliance: RIEM comply with all the provisions of the law and committed set.
Precautions: RIEM care to prevent risks affecting the quality of service.
Communication: RIEM m ensures effective communication; strengthen the commitment of members, suppliers and customers to ensure the interests of all parties.

Ensure the progress: RIEM made ​​monitoring and evaluating the implementation of service standards/ criteria follow the commitments and periodic progress reports for stakeholders.

Handle complaints

Receipt of Complaints:

Complaints may be made orally or in writing and may be made anonymously and confidentially. The RIEM Administration Unit is in charge of all complaints relevant to RIEM. Complaints will be promptly answered promptly, complaints must be taken seriously.

Screening of Complaints:

Upon receipt of a complaint by any compliant, the complaint shall be forwarded to the head of RIEM Administration Unit for a prompt screening to assess the nature, legitimacy and significance of the Complaint. Upon conclusion of the screening, the head of RIEM Administration Unit shall make a determination whether to (i) refer the complaint for investigation and resolution consistent with RIEM existing policies, (ii) report such Complaint to the Director of RIEM  , (ii) proceed with further investigation or (iii) close the file.  The head of RIEM Administration Unit shall, as necessary, seek the advice and guidance outside legal counsel in making this determination.

Work with the complainant to establish goals and timetables, establish policies and procedures, and implement corrective action plans when appropriate. Adequate resources must be applied to resolve the complaint;

Protections for Submitting Complaints. The RIEM will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass or in any other manner discriminate or retaliate, and it will be a violation of RIEM policy for any person to take any such action, against any Reporting by reason of his or her having made a complaint, or having reported a concern, in good faith pursuant to and in accordance with these procedures.


The Head of RIEM Administration Unit shall provide to the Director of RIEM report of all Complaints received. The Final Report to solve any complains will be sent to complainants/stakeholders relevant.

Internal communication

- Focus on employees Engagement

- Rapid communication

- The involvement and co-creator

-  Listen and keep listening

- Communication channels: directly face-to-face, through letters, phone, emails …

Performance management

RIEM ensure the quality of RIEM’s performance as follows:

-       Use of a Project Plan that includes a work-breakdown structure (WBS), a schedule, and a staffing plan.

-       Strict compliance with the project Implementation Model.

-       Compliance with applicable Project instructions, procedures, and core processes. The RIEM Team Manager will assemble applicable documentation for reference and will ensure that experts/staff have copies of those documents that pertain to their task assignment.

-       A The Project Manager who provides “visible” management to our team members, and monitors employees and their work habits through periodic walk-around, visits, reviews, and informal discussions.

-       The Project Manager’s informal discussions with employees on consistent attention to detail in their work products. The qualities of accuracy and correctness, completeness, timeliness, efficiency, and performing a final review of their work products are highly encouraged. These traits are paramount to “getting it right the first time.”

-       Providing training in continuous process improvement techniques.

Project Manager

-                 The Project Manager is the primary point of contact for timely communication with the customer on any evolving problem areas.

-                 The Project Manager monitors subcontractor performance and Team resources.

-                 The Project Manager will assess the Team’s skill mix and allocation within the work areas of the contract.

Personnel management

RIEM has personnel management policy to avoid changes/ replacements of personnel and to ensure the continuity of professional services once contracted as followings:

  1. The success of this Project chiefly rests with the people who would implement it. The Project requires high quality interaction and facilitation with the target project, which will be done by the experts/staff. Thus remuneration for experts/staff has been designed keeping in mind those being offered in similar Projects to attract the best talent to the Project.
  2. Employee Conduct: Every expert/staff shall fulfill to the best of his ability the duties and responsibilities of his position.
  3. Compensation: The Compensation Plan shall be applicable to all positions in the service. The plan shall be designed so as to attract and retain highly competent employees, to assure that wages and salaries paid by RIEM, to pay equitable differentials for differences in the kind, difficulty and responsibility of the work, and to stimulate and recognize high level performance. Salaries paid in accordance with this compensation plan are subject to approval by the experts/staff.
  4. Follow Regulations: The expert/staff/vendor must follow to legally complete the job in the given subcontract.


2nd Floor B1 – National Institute of Educational Management
31 Pham Dinh Giot, Phuong Liet, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
Phone: +84 - 4 - 6640 343;
Fax: +84 4-6649905

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